Terms & Conditions

API Terms of Service

We welcome all developers to use our API and use it in their apps, platforms and services free of charge, as long as they comply with the following Terms of Service.

1. Privacy & Security

1.1. All developers must guard their API keys and authentication details, as well as those of their users' privacy with utmost care.

1.2. It is forbidden to use API for malicious intent, purposefully cause damage the API, or attempt to gain unauthorized data from or use of other accounts.

2. Transparency

2.1. You must obtain your own account for your application.

2.1. You must not misrepresent yourself as The Bhagavad Gita API, or resell its services.

2.3. To avoid confusion, the title of your app must not include the phrase "The Bhagavad Gita API" or "Bhagavad Gita API", "bhagavad-gita-api" or "bhagavad gita api". An exception can be made if the phrase is preceded with the word "Unofficial" in the title.

2.4. You must not use the official API logo for your app logo.

3. Advertising & Monetization

3.1. Developers are allowed to monetize their coding efforts through advertising or other legitimate means.

3.2. If you decide to monetise your app, you must clearly mention all the methods of monetisation that are used in your app in all its app store descriptions.

3.3. We offer our API free of charge, but if you monetise it your users must be aware of the fact that your app uses the The Bhagavad Gita API. This fact must be featured prominently in the app's description in the app stores and in the in-app intro & about page if your app has it.

4. Service

4.1. You accept that we make no guarantees about the quality of, or uptime of API.

5. Breach of terms

5.1. If your app violates these terms, we will notify the API account responsible for the app about the breach of terms.

5.2. If you do not update the app to fix the highlighted issues within 10 days, we will have to discontinue your access to The Bhagavad Gita API and contact the app stores about the removal of your apps that are using the The Bhagavad Gita API in violation of these terms.

We reserve the right to expand these terms and guidelines as the need arises. We will inform client developers of such changes via an email notification.