Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy

1. Sharing data

We never share your personal data.

2. Storing data

We only store the bare data needed to function properly.

Your e-mail address

Your address will only be used:

  • to send you your API Key
  • to securely authenticate you via the /user/ API method for logging in to the Dashboard
  • to authenticate you own the account for any support requests
  • to send you a password recovery code if you forget it
  • to receive the weekly stats of your account
  • You must opt-in to receive the monthly email from me about other open APIs I'm working on - like The Bhagavad Gita API

It will never be shared with anyone.


Adding a value for the sub_id parameter to API requests allows you to filter your subsequent API requests by that value, Please do not use any personally identifiable information. Whilst I encrypt it where possible, I can however not be held liable for its protection between you and the API. e.g. if used as a GET parameter it could be seen in transit between your request and our endpoints.

IP anonymization

The client IP Address is logged on every request to the API. This is used to prevent malicious use of the API such as denial of service attacks, prevent duplication of Votes, and to provide a rough estimate on the city from which the request originates. After 1 month the IP address is anonymized.

3. Deleting data

If you would like to delete your account, until I add a delete page you can email me personally ([email protected]) and i will action it. Once actioned there are no backsies, all images and data will be deleted. Please keep your API keys and authentication details secure. I'm sorry, but this is not reversible.

The Website

While the API does not use cookies or trackers, the website does. These are needed to see which are the most popular pages, and thus which features users are interested in or are having trouble using.

Google Analytics is the only thing that will set a cookie. We have a data processing agreement with google. IP anonymization/masking is enabled. Data sharing is disabled. We are not using any other google services in combination with Google Analytics.

If there is anything you are unclear of or you'd like more information, please send me an email before you sign up.